Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ward Split

Well, it finally happened. Our new Stake has now realligned our Wards. Taking 9 Wards and turning them into seven. Our Ward, the Foothill Ward, was divided in half basically, taking all of the Riverwalk neighborhood and putting them in the La Sierra Ward. Then taking a chunk of the La Sierra Ward and a large section of the Norco Ward making it the new Foothill Ward. Of course with change comes sadness. We had many friends that have had to move to the La Sierra Ward but take satisfaction in knowing that we will still see them at our game nights at our home and other activities in the Stake. We look forward to meeting the members that join our Foothill family and hope to bond with them as we have with so many over the years. Change is hard, change is sad, yet, change is good. Change happens. So we look forward to the change and hope it will be a smooth transition for all. Our best wishes go to all Jurupa Stake members and hope everything goes well for us all.


The Plewe Clan said...

I made your jam!

Gregg said...

Great. You'll have to let me know if everyone likes it!

The Webb Family said...

KAREN! How are you? Wow, I guess this ward split was hard for everyone. Chuck and Sheryl were sad too, but then they moved anyway! Haha!

Glad to see you guys on here!

We miss everyone in Riverside, but we sure do like Oceanside.