Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Months Missed Blogging

So, let's see. It has been 4 months since we last blogged. This blogging thing is a lot of work. LOL To bring you up to date, it has been a busy year so far for all of us. I will just jump to April however and save you the grief of reading Blah, Blah, Blah about the Fry Family.

Karen, her 2 sisters, Sandy and Lynnette, and her Sister-in-Law, Genni, along with our new "niece-in-law, Dareth and Dareth's mother, all went to New York for a week to see Wicked on Broadway. They stayed at the Waldorf Astoria and had a great time. Karen's luggage didn't arrive with her, but went on to Florida for an overnight stay. This made the decision of what to wear the first night at little easier for her. All in all, they saw two plays toured all of New York, and spent lots of money!!! Like their trip to Paris a few years ago, they had great fun.

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